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180 Creative Joins Clutch!

In an effort to increase our customer experience here at 180 Creative, we have joined Clutch! Clutch is a B2B market research firm located in Washington, DC. Clutch looks at leading companies across different segments and connects potential buyers and businesses.

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Why hire IT developers in Katowice, Poland?

Poland is really fast growing country and quickly chasing its west neighbors. Each year Poland is increasingly important country on the arena of international politics. This grow is mostly seen in international investments made in Poland especially in IT sector. In polish cities a lot of international firms are still emerging and sprouting year by […]

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Effective Project Management – Project Management Software

Most of firms are reaching the moment when they are starting to grow. The team is expanding. There is more projects and clients and those changes are often dynamic which really engage you to make some important decisions which can affect you success or failure. The key to success is right planning and project management. 

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Developing mobile apps – Ionic Framework + Angular.js

Technology grows faster each day. Everyday new solutions are emerging, making life easier for developers and users of mobile applications. The market imposes standards which client wants high quality applications for low price. Not so long ago developing mobile app for Android and iOS required at least three people – iOS developer, Android developer and […]

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